Rehab Services and Disability Support in the Community

Royal Rehab LifeWorks Community Allied Health Services

If you or someone you care about is looking to achieve independence goals after an illness or injury, or requires mental health or positive behavioural support, our team at Royal Rehab LifeWorks is here to help! 

Let us conquer challenges and embrace possibilities together!

Come and experience expertise complemented by warmth and down-to-earth care that defines our allied health team.

How we can help



Capacity building

Improving function

Strength & fitness

Speech & communication

General wellbeing

Pain management

Positive behaviour support

Who can benefit

Our services can benefit people living with or recovering from:

A physical disability

An intellectual disability

A psychosocial disability

Neurological conditions


Parkinson's disease

Motor neurone disease

Multiple Sclerosis

An orthopaedic or musculoskeletal illness or injury

Cardiac disease


Pulmonary conditions

Chronic pain

Our range of services

Upper Limb Program icon
Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is a discipline that uses physical activity and exercise to enhance your overall wellbeing, alleviate discomfort and pain, and promote recovery following an injury, illness, or surgical procedure.

Occupational Therapy icon
Occupational Therapy

Whether it's learning new techniques or using adaptive tools, occupational therapy aims to enhance your overall quality of life by making everyday tasks easier and more manageable.

Outreach Services
Outreach Services

We offer comprehensive outreach services throughout the Atherton Tablelands region. We encourage you to reach out to us so that we can have a conversation about your requirements and discuss how we can best support you.

Physiotherapy icon

Physiotherapy aims to help you move better and regain your physical abilities through a combination of targeted exercises, stretches, and specific activities.

Social Work Case Management icon
Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support is a way to help people who may be struggling with difficult behaviours. It’s especially useful for children with autism, and those with intellectual, learning, developmental and social challenges.

Psychology icon

If you’re feeling anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, or simply feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help with coping strategies and building resilience.

Speech icon
Speech Pathology

Whether you're struggling to express yourself or having difficulty with eating or drinking, a speech therapist can work with you to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Helping people achieve
greater independence
and quality of life.

As a dedicated health clinician, I am thrilled to take the lead in providing the Cairns community with cutting-edge and imaginative allied health services.

Belinda Sutherland, General Manager Allied Health

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