Lidia meets milestones with Royal Rehab LifeWorks support

Lidia meets milestones with Royal Rehab LifeWorks support

Lidia was 57 years of age when she suffered a stroke several days after being diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Lidia was rushed by ambulance to the Royal North Shore hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. Lidia was discharged from RNSH some 3 months later unable to talk, stand or walk on her own.

Husband Franco describes Lidia’s situation as ‘unique,’ saying none of the doctors they consulted with had come across anyone with both conditions at once. Lidia and her husband were very grateful to have been accepted by Royal Rehab having spoken to several friends who spoke highly of it.

Lidia was admitted into Royal Rehab as an inpatient in September 2021 and the following January, she was discharged to continue therapy as an out-patient, now at Royal Rehab LifeWorks.

Her therapy to date has consisted of physiotherapyoccupational therapy and speech pathology onsite and in her home. Lidia has been using the Zero G, Tyromotion suite and Armeo Power technology devices under the guidance of clinicians, to help her to relearn walking and regain her upper limb function. Her therapy expanded as her strength and coordination improved. Franco says every time they introduce something new, it helps Lidia to stay motivated and continue to progress.

“The staff are just terrific – they encourage all the time. If I say, ‘I can’t do any more,’ they say, ‘you can do more’ and I do it,” Lidia says. “Royal Rehab has the right staff and technology which is what you need for neuroplasticity,” Franco says. “We are very grateful.”

Now a year since her stroke, Lidia is slowly regaining her independence. She can slide across her bed and stand up by herself, and drive her own wheelchair. She is now managing some assisted walking.

Support on the home front is evident too. When Lidia has trouble organising her thoughts, Speech Therapist Yris has worked with Lidia to support her word-finding while Franco patiently offers words –  a spur of encouragement to help her express herself and jog her memory.

As for the future, Lidia says she’s looking forward to cooking again, going on a holiday, and walking outside where she can forget about everything. Supported on all sides, she continues to meet every challenge and surpass all predictions.

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Lidia meets milestones with Royal Rehab LifeWorks support