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Zoe Samuels

Meet Zoe, a passionate Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience providing services both nationally and abroad. Her expertise lies in the community sector, where she is dedicated to helping individuals overcome barriers and pursue their desired activities and goals.

Throughout her career, Zoe has worked with a diverse range of disabilities, including neurological, physical, cognitive, neurodevelopmental, psychosocial, and sensory impairments. She excels in conducting assessments, delivering education, and providing ongoing interventions to support individuals in selectin suitable assistive technology, arranging home modifications, accessing appropriate housing, and building essential skills for achieving their objectives.

What truly excites Zoe about her work is the opportunity to collaborate with and advocate for people like you. She finds immense satisfaction in working with the community, supporting individuals to meaningfully engage in their lives. As a valued member of the multi-disciplinary team at Royal Rehab LifeWorks, Zoe takes pride in delivering high-quality and effective services to empower individuals.