How Denise got her confidence back following a brain injury

How Denise got her confidence back following a brain injury

The world looks different to Denise since she acquired a brain injury following an aneurism that caused her to black out and hit her head. At 62 years old, she now has trouble finding her words and making decisions. And something about how light reflects off a wet floor makes her feel like she’s going to fall.

It was Denise’ brother and carer, Christopher who came across Royal Rehab through his studies in counselling and physical therapy. Denise, the self-confessed ‘self-doubter’ had been seeing a psychologist but had reached a stage where she wasn’t really moving around anymore. After asking a recommendation from the psychologist for physical rehab at Royal Rehab LifeWorks, as well as putting in a report to the NDIS for financial support, both coincided with each other and that is how Denise’ Royal Rehab LifeWorks journey bag.

After assessing Denise’s goals, Emily, recreational therapist and Louise- physiotherapist have been providing therapy to help Denise with her balance, and mobility and increasing her recreational activities. Denise attended Royal Rehab LifeWorks fortnightly where sessions were focused on improving strength, range of motion, balance and mobility.

“My goals were to do things I could be proud of because I wasn’t doing anything. They’re helping me to move again and relearn how to put round things in round holes, and not square holes – that kind of thing,” she laughs.

Having never been to a gym or learned to ride a bike, Denise is now walking on a treadmill, something she says she would never have done in a million years. Using the C-Mill VR+, an advanced  body weight support treadmill, has been a motivator, “… especially when the music starts, as I used to like dancing – the salsa.” She also says she’s raring to go on the bike now, attending the cycling hub on a regular basis.

Denise says the Royal Rehab staff were welcoming from the start, and she’d recommend them to anyone.

“It was very scary doing the bike riding the first time. The staff say ‘you can do it’ or ‘just a little bit longer.’ I can walk better through the shopping centre now and I’ve achieved more than I expected. It’s given me confidence, and a lot of weight has gone from my shoulders. ”Denise has also been supported to purchase a recumbent bike and also has a home exercise program to compliment her work in Royal Rehab’s advanced technology centre.

Recently, Denise was supported to purchase a recumbent bike and was set-up with a home exercise program with carer support. Her next goal is hydrotherapy.

“I have a 5-month-old grandson. If I sit at home and feel sorry for myself, I won’t be part of his life. With some G&D – guts and determination – I will be around to play with him as he grows up and to help my daughter, Patty, too.”

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How Denise got her confidence back following a brain injury