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If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, or simply feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to assist you in identifying coping strategies and building resilience towards achieving better mental health outcomes, overall wellbeing, and a better quality of life.

Our team of friendly and accredited psychologists at Royal Rehab LifeWorks Cairns will collaborate with you to identify your objectives and create a customised therapy plan tailored to your specific needs. We’ll also closely engage with your loved ones to ensure you have a strong support network in place.

This service is only available to people aged 16 and over.

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What's involved?

When you’re looking for a psychologist, it’s important to find someone you feel comfortable talking to and can trust. Our caring team will get to know you and make a plan with the right tools and strategies that’s tailored to your needs.

While we like to have face-to-face meetings, we’re happy to be flexible and work around your schedule and can even have a session on Microsoft Teams or over the phone if that works better for you.

Support may include:

  • Behavioural assessments.
  • Developing of positive behaviour support plans.
  • Understanding and managing feelings of anger, grief, and hopelessness.
  • Individual sessions.
  • Support and strategies to manage stress, anxiety or pain.
  • Help with understanding and managing fatigue and addressing sleeplessness.

What’s involved in your rehab at Royal Rehab LifeWorks Cairns?

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Your Psychologist will start by conducting a thorough assessment. Using various techniques and tests, they'll work with you to understand mental health state. Together, they’’ll develop a personalised therapy plan aimed at managing your condition.

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Your Psychologist might suggest one-on-one individual therapy. This includes setting goals and learning to manage symptoms or triggers, all aimed at supporting you to live a healthier life. They might also recommend group therapy. This involves a counsellor leading sessions with a group of clients focused solving specific issues or boosting social skills. Being part of a group allows you to get support and encouragement from others.

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Your Psychologist will use different methods to help you better manage your feelings and emotions. Additionally, they may arrange educational sessions to help you understand how your mind, body, and actions all connect with each other.

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Your Psychologist might suggest cognitive behavioural therapy tailored to address your specific needs, such as managing stress, anxiety, or pain. This therapy could involve setting goals, learning breathing techniques, practicing visualisation, and mindfulness exercises. Its aim is to reduce emotional distress and help overcome self-defeating behaviours.

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If needed, your Psychologist can incorporate strategies into your therapy plan to address fatigue and insomnia. These strategies may target sleep-related behaviours and lifestyle habits influencing your sleep patterns. Techniques like sleep restriction therapy, stimulus control therapy, and relaxation training could be employed as part of your personalised plan to improve your sleep.

What can I expect as a Royal Rehab LifeWorks client?

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A team of skilled therapists and clinicians.

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A program that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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A genuine partnership between you and your clinical/therapy team so you have choice and control.

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A warm and friendly environment where you feel safe and cared for.

I’m interested, what's next?


Contact us

The first step is to complete the online contact form or contact our friendly team on 1800 966 212.


Discuss your needs

Once we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss your needs and specific goals.


Our team will tailor your therapy

Following your detailed assessment, we will tailor a therapy program to your specific needs.


Start your therapy

We will commence your therapy and support you to achieve your goals.

How can I fund my program?

There are several funding options available, including NDIS, private health insurance, Medicare with the payment of a gap and self-funding.

NDIS funding


Private health insurance

Medicare (gap payment)

Other insurers

Ready to get started on your Royal Rehab LifeWorks journey?

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