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Speech Pathology

Experiencing challenges communicating or swallowing due to a medical condition or other difficulties?

Our speech therapists at Royal Rehab LifeWorks Cairns specialise in working with people just like you. They’re trained to provide personalised care and support to help you communicate more effectively and swallow safely.

So, whether you’re struggling to express yourself or having difficulty with eating or drinking, a speech therapist can work with you to develop a plan tailored to your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of Speech Pathology?

  • Improved Communication Skills: Enhances speech, language, and conversation abilities.
  • Articulation Enhancement: Helps improve pronunciation and clarity of speech.
  • Voice Improvement: Aims to enhance vocal quality and control.
  • Cognitive Communication Enhancement: Assists in improving thinking skills related to communication.
  • Fluency Enhancement: Helps manage stuttering or other speech fluency issues.
  • Social Communication Skills: Supports better interaction and social communication.
  • Swallowing Improvement: Assists in managing swallowing difficulties.
  • Swallowing Safety: Ensures safer and more efficient swallowing abilities.

We’ll work together to understand what’s right for you. Depending on your needs and objectives and to ensure you get the best possible results, your personalised therapy program may also incorporate additional therapies, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and more.

What’s involved in your rehab at Royal Rehab LifeWorks Cairns?

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Royal Rehab LifeWorks Speech Pathologists offer the flexibility of home visits or clinic appointments. By working with you and the people important in your life, they will create a therapy plan tailored to suit your lifestyle, interests, and goals.

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The therapy programs at Royal Rehab LifeWorks are personalised to fit your real-life situations. Your Speech Pathologist will help you learn techniques that you can use in your daily life, especially when communication gets tough.

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As part of your program, your Speech Pathologist may recommend and help you with specific apps as part of your therapy alongside other techniques that use cards and books to learn helpful strategies.

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If your Speech Pathologist thinks it could help, your therapy plan may involve tips for managing meals, specialised eating tools, or assistance with swallowing. If needed, they can arrange a swallowing assessment. And just so you know, all our clinicians at Royal Rehab LifeWorks Cairns are trained in the International Dysphagia Dietary Standards Initiative (IDDSI) system.

What can I expect as a Royal Rehab LifeWorks client?

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A team of skilled therapists and clinicians.

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A program that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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A genuine partnership between you and your clinical/therapy team so you have choice and control.

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A warm and friendly environment where you feel safe and cared for.

I’m interested, what's next?


Contact us

The first step is to complete the online referral form or contact our friendly team on 1800 966 212.


Discuss your needs

Once we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss your need and specific goals.


Our team will tailor your therapy

Following your detailed assessment, we will tailor a therapy program to your specific needs.


Start your therapy

We will commence your therapy and support you to achieve your goals.

How can I fund my program?

There are several funding options available, including NDIS, private health insurance, Medicare with the payment of a gap and self-funding.

NDIS funding


Private health insurance

Medicare (gap payment)

Other insurers

Ready to get started on your Royal Rehab LifeWorks journey?

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