Equipment & technology

At Royal Rehab LifeWorks, we offer a selection advanced technology devices to help our clients in their therapy.

Our aim is to combine these innovative products with traditional therapies, when suitable, to help you achieve the best possible results.

A cardio rehab sesion in action at our Cairns facility

Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality technology is fun and interactive, so you'll feel like you're playing games while doing therapy. Programs are designed to help with issues like problems moving your arms or brain-related challenges.

Programs can also be designed to support mental health and wellbeing. The system can also measure how you are doing so your therapist can keep an eye on how you are doing in real time and share this information with you.

Our therapists create personalised therapy plans just for you where you can easily use our virtual reality system on your own or with a little help. We want to make sure you can easily take part and keep an eye on your progress all on your own as much as possible.

Ergolet Ergo Trainer

The Ergo Trainer is a special device that provides assistance for individuals who have difficulty walking. It offers weight support, making it particularly beneficial for those with weak legs or recovering from brain injuries.

Comprising various components working together, including a ceiling-mounted lifting system, a supporting sling, a stabilising bar, and a hand control for adjusting weight support, the Ergo Trainer serves multiple training purposes such as treadmill walking, balance training while standing, and upper body workouts on the ground.

When using the Ergo Trainer, your arms can move freely, so you can practice walking in a more natural way. This helps you feel safer and more confident, and it reduces pressure on your joints. The device can be customised for varying exercise intensities, and as it can spin around in all directions, you can also practice walking forward, backward, or sideways.

Neurotek SMARTfit

The SMARTfit is designed to improve both physical movement and brain function.

The SMARTfit allows you to work on your leg strength and movement, balance and arm function at the same time as training your brain function through tailored play-based programs.

The SMARTfit can be used together with our body-weight-support system, so if you don’t feel confident standing on your own, you can feel safe in the connected harness or sling.

It can also be used by throwing or kicking balls to help you with specific return to sport goals.

MediTouch 3D Tutor

The Meditouch 3D Tutor is a unique biofeedback system that uses a sensor to capture your body's movements. It then incorporates these movements into a game displayed on a screen. This sensor collects precise information about how you move, allowing you to monitor your progress. Meanwhile, the accompanying software offers guidance and feedback to boost your motivation and enhance the accuracy of your movements.

The sensor can be attached to different parts of your body—such as your head, arms, trunk, legs, and feet—making the Meditouch suitable for a wide range of people dealing with various issues. For example, it can assist in improving shoulder mobility for reaching high shelves or help with knee movements to enhance walking abilities.

Neurotack e-Stim

Electrical stimulation is a technique that can assist in making very weak muscles stronger, especially when these muscles struggle to work properly due to certain neurological conditions. This process involves using sticky pads with attached electrodes placed on your skin.

The electrical stimulation encourages the nerves beneath the skin to become active, which, in turn, can help activate muscles. For instance, it can help muscles that lift your foot or straighten your knee when walking, or muscles that extend your wrist and fingers when you're reaching to pick up a cup.

Dyaco Medical Treadmill

The Dyaco Medical Treadmill is perfect for rehabilitation with it’s unique ability to be adjusted to suit the needs of each client.

The hand rails adjust both up and down and in and out to suit the width and height of the client, there is a step to make it easy for anyone to step on and off, and because of the way the machine is designed it is easy for your therapist to access you legs to help with your walking pattern.

This machine moves forward and backwards, as well as up and down hill which enables your program to be more specific to your individual goals.

Dyaco Medical Stepper

The Dyaco Medical Recumbent stepper works your arms and legs while in a relaxed seated position. As well as improving strength and joint range in your arms and legs the yaco Medical Recumbent stepper gives your heart and lungs are good work out to improve your heart and lung health, your blood pressure, your blood sugars and circulation.

The seat swivels a full 360 degrees which makes it very accessible from a wheelchair or if you use a walker, your feet can be fully strapped on to the pedal if you don’t have adequate strength or control to position them there yourself and the handles can easily be used with special hand attachments if you don’t have to hand strength to grip on.

The Dyaco Medical Stepper also measures your work output on your left and right side to provide feedback to encourage you to work symmetrically.

Dyaco Recumbent Bike

The Dyaco Recumbent Bike allows you to pedal sitting in a comfortably positioned behind the pedals.

The seat swivels 360degrees which makes it very easy to transfer from a wheelchair or with a walker, it is also fully adjustable to suit your leg length and the back reclines to increase comfort for people with hip joint problems.

There are multiple resistance modes to suit your goals and it allows you to track how hard each leg is working to ensure you are working symmetrically.

Dyaco Medical Upright Bike

The Dyaco Medical Upright Bike positions you similar to that of a bicycle.

It has a range of different programs to cater for various personal goals and has the added comfort of a oversized padded seat. The seat height is fully adjustable and so are the position of the pedals, so it caters for more shapes and sizes of clients.

It also measures how hard each leg is working to encourage a more symmetrical therapy session.

Pilates Reformer - Trapeze Table

The Pilates Reformer-Trapeze Table combination is designed to train any part of the body – legs, trunk and arms, and can target strength, endurance, flexibility or muscle control due to the various attachments and resistance settings.

Its adjustable design is suited to a wide variety ages and abilities.

It is also low impact so it is more comfortable for painful joints and muscles.

Cable Machine and Free Weights

We have a variety of free weights including dumbells, kettlebells and slam balls, and a cable machine to cater for all types of resistance training.

Whether your goal is to stand up from a chair or return to being able to lift very heavy objects we have the weights required for your therapy.

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